Since our inception in 1999, we've been meeting basic human needs that are over 1.2 million years old –protecting human beings from wind, rain, and snow. We employ state-of-the-art technologies, fruits borne by scientists in their centuries-long labors in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, physiology, medicine, and meteorology. We combine them with innovative design, bringing futuristic ideas into the present. Here are some eco-technologies that are already in use that help KRAKATAU clothes to be warmer and more comfortable.


DuPont scientists have refined a chemical process into a biological, environmentally friendly one – resulting in high performance polymers made from sugar, a natural byproduct of corn grains. Sorona Aura's breathable insulation is 37% plant based, using 30% less energy and emitting 50% less greenhouse gas as compared to the production of nylon from non-renewable resources. Sorona Aura is responsible for the cold protection in all KRAKATAU jackets that have the "plant based" icon.



Repreve fiber is made from recycled plastic PET bottles, a significant part of which is collected from the ocean. The brand recently celebrated a victory with more than 3 billion bottles having been recycled and receiving a second life. Because the qualities of a fiber can be adjusted during its creation process, the creation of fibers with water-repellent and water-absorbing properties that can warm you up and cool you down is possible. In the functional insulation of KRAKATAU down jackets, we have combined natural-down with Repreve fibers that feature a high level of heat retention in equal proportions.



Highly-elastic T8 yarn is an eco-friendly replacement for spandex, which was difficult to dye, wore out quickly, was easily to deformed, and was difficult to manufacture. The T thread stretches and returns to its original length endlessly, which means that the fabric woven from it keeps its shape perfectly, does not wrinkle, does not fade, maintains its loft after many washes, and is also soft to touch and drapes beautifully. All styles made of T8 yarn are marked with the "high stretch yarn" icon.


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