Prints in KRAKATAU SS21 Collection were inspired by melting glaciers. That's a very important phenomenon to do not underestimate. Here's a few facts:

- 1 gigaton of water would fill around 400 000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

- Both Greenland and Antarctic are loosing around 318 gigaton of ice every year.

- Size of the biggest iceberg calved from an ice shelf is around 300 km long and 37 km wide.

- Sea level has risen 1.4 cm during the period between 2003 and 2019 due to Greenland's and Antarctica's ice melting.

- 34% of continental ice shelves will collapse if the world warms by 4°C since pre-industrial level. This will add lots of centimeters to the current sea level and the regions where millions of people live now will be submerged.

- If the situation doesn't change, Arctic will be free of sea ice by 2035. The prospect of loss of sea ice by 2035 should motivate us to focus on reducing CO2 emissions as fast as possible. Prints on KRAKATAU raincoats and waterproof jackets with glued seams and maximum weather protection were created based on the aerial photos of melting ice shelves.

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